How to get the better support for a problem ?
To get support about SuperGuilds, go to our discord server. Then open a ticket in THIS channel by reacting on the message.
When you created a ticket and for get best and fast support, please provide all of these informations :
  • Server Version
  • Server OS
  • List of your plugins
  • SuperGuilds Version
  • SuperGuilds Type
Here's an example :
Server Version : 1.12.2
Server OS : PaperSpigot
Plugins : HolographicDisplays, Repuska, Reqn*, Skent*, Skript, skript-logs, skript-mirror*, skript-yaml, SkriptJSON*, Vixio*, WorldEdit, WorldGuard
SuperGuilds Version : 7.7
SuperGuilds Type : Premium (+ DLC)
Provide proof of buying for premium support !
Then, describe in as much detail as possible your problem with, if posible, a way to repeat it.
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