How to install SuperGuilds ?
You must first of all have the correct version of Skript installed. It depends on the version of your server. The OS used (Spigot, Bukkit, Paper, etc...) will not change anything during installation.
  • From 1.9 to 1.12.2 (Legacy), use THIS version
  • From 1.13+, use THIS version
SuperGuilds doesn't support 1.8 !
After Skript is been installed, you need Repuska, a Skript API :
  • From 1.9 to 1.15.2, use THIS version of Repuska
  • For 1.16+, use THIS version of Repuska
You also need Repuska's dependencies :
For all plugins, choose the version that best suits your server.
Put every of these plugins in your /plugins/ folder. Then, start your server a first time. Let's all files & folder generate, and after that, stop it. Go in /plugins/Skript/ file and turn false this line :
disable variable conflict warnings: true
# Disables warnings of potential variable name conflicts if set to true.
# I recommend to not touch this option, but if you do so you should at least set it back to false
# whenever you create new scripts with new variables.
To avoid warning spam in the console.
You can after that install SuperGuilds itself. For that, unzip your SuperGuilds version (With WinRAR or another unziper) and put all folder in /plugins/Skript/scripts/ Now, you can restart your server. SuperGuilds is now installed on your server !
Error ? Bug ? See our FAQ !
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