Some frequently asked question and these answer!
What is Repuska ?
It's a bunch of some addon normally needed for SuperGuilds. Cause addons installation are pretty bad and take long time, We have regroup them in one addon for better installation.
Why SuperGuilds doesn't support 1.8 ?
1.8 version are very very old now, and almost all New plugins doesn't support anymore 1.8. It's the case Of SuperGuilds! If you have set the version to 1.8 just for The PvP system, update it on 1.9+ and install OldCombatMechanics!
When I start my server, I have "cuboid region" error!
Repuska doesn't support anymore FAWE or other modding WorldEdit. Install ONLY the normal one and restart your server. If the error is always here, Come to our discord and open a ticket!
I have too warning at every start or reload. What is them?
Skript warn you than some variables can make conflit. If you don't know or use any Skript system, just disable them Like said in Installation part of the Wiki.
How did I update SuperGuilds?
First of all, stop your server. Delete every files there's in the /plugins/Skript/scripts/ folder. Then see if you need to update also Repuska / dependencies. Put every new files of SuperGuilds in skript folder and restart your server.
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