How to setup the Discord Bot System ?

Making the bot

First, we need to created the bot itself. For that, go to Discord Developper portal, and click on "New Application :

The Discord Developer Portal

Then, select it by clinking on it. Name it as you wanna :

Name & Team selection

Go to "Bot" tab :

Click on "Build a Bot" button :

And then click on "Yes, do it !" :

Name it and change his icon as you wanna. These informations will apear on discord.

Link the bot to SuperGuilds

Go to your bot tab of you bot, and click on "Copy Token".


Install SG+ Discord addons from our discord, and restart your server. Change, in the config.yml file the Token option with your token.

Don't forget to install Vixio !

Then restart another time your server.

Invite the bot to your discord

First, you need to get the bot's client ID. For that, go to the "General Informations" tab of your bot panel :

And copy the Client ID.

Then go to THIS site, and choose the permission you want give to the bot. I recommend add the Administrator permission. The paste your client ID here :

Click on the URL listed below, and connect to your discord account.

Finish! Just see list of commands & features in the next page of the wiki for the bot !