What is SuperGuilds ?
You have 3 version of SuperGuilds :
  • SuperGuilds free
  • SuperGuilds Premium
  • Blade & Guilds
SuperGuilds Free is a free version of SuperGuilds, as the name suggests. It provides a nice overview of the other versions available, but with reduced functionality.
SuperGuilds Premium is the main version of SuperGuilds. It is not free, but offers a large selection of new features and features specific to SuperGuilds.
SuperGuilds Plus is a DLC, so it's an enhanced version of SuperGuilds Premium. It's also paid, adds some fun features, but is not necessarily required to run SuperGuilds Premium. To buy it, you have to go to our Discord.
All these versions require same plugins to run.
SuperGuilds is a set of scripts allowing the creation of guilds / factions. Each of these guilds will be able to store resources and claim some chuncks on the map. On each chunk claim, they will also be able to build some buildings that will improve some statistics & states of their guild (Maximum number of members, Maximum number of Claim, etc...).
Each guild can enter in war or alliance with another one. Alliance means a sharing of members, claims and resources. A hardly between clans means a fight between their members in an arena predefined by a server administrator. Each player killed will add 5 points to the team. The first guild to reach 100 points or to have the most points at the end of the 5 minutes will win the war. The winning guild will then be able to RAID (= plunder) the defeated guild.
On top of all this, guild tournaments are also available and configurable at will!
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